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העיסוי הארוטי הטוב ביותר בקרבתי

November , 2023

1) "העיסוי הארוטי הזה ימחק את הגבול שמפריד בינך לבין מצב של רווחה," 2) "כדי לסיים בהתרוממות רוח מלאה, העיסוי הזה הוא המרכיב החיוני!", או 3) "… אפילו ליהנות ממגע השמן החושני והמחמם שלו משאירה אותך תחושה מטופלת וחופשית."…

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When Two Worlds Collide

March , 2022

Last week, Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of his neighbor Ukraine, despite repeatedly denying allegations he had designs to do so. It was a dramatic and sad day. With an increased anxiety level, I boarded a plane the next morning…

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Tax Planning

How the Proposed Tax Changes Could Affect You – Before the New Year

October , 2021

Why You Should Be Thinking About Taxes NOW October 2021 Tax planning is a key part of smart retirement planning. Without proper planning, you will very likely pay more taxes overall in retirement (and have less money to spend or…

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estate planning

Estate Planning Basics, Part 2: The Perfect Trustee

September , 2021

This is Part 2 in a two-part series regarding wills and trusts in estate planning. For an introduction into the differences between trust and will, please take a moment to read Estate Planning Basics, Part 1: Trust vs Will—Which One…

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Estate Planning Basics, Part 1: Trust vs Will—Which One is Best?

August , 2021

Estate Planning is the truest of love letters to your family. But which type is right for your situation? In this article, I will review the basic differences between trust and a will. Hopefully, this will help you to be…

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Women and Wealth: Take Control of your Financial Future in 8 Steps

August , 2021

Are you living in financial uncertainty? Do you dream of a dream of a life where you are confident about your financial future? In this article, I discuss the starting point – eight simple financial planning steps to get you…

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Why You Need A Retirement Spend Plan and How to Build One, Part 2: Your Retirement Paycheck

May , 2021

Build Your Retirement Spend Plan (Part 2) Your Retirement Paycheck . You need a retirement spend plan before you retire.   This means that you need a plan so you can pay your expenses and live an abundant life for all…

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Why You Need A Retirement Spend Plan and How to Build One, Part 1:Spending

April , 2021

What is a Retirement Spend Plan? A retirement spend plan ensures that you have sufficient income to cover your expenses throughout your 35+ years of retirement.  It’s a plan that aligns your money flows—money coming in and money going out. …

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Do I Have Enough Money_ April Blog photo

Do I Have Enough Money?

March , 2021

To Change My Work, My Priorities, My Lifestyle?  To Retire? The Real Answer: Both Art and Science Do you spend time wondering if you have enough resources to stop working now (or change how you work) and begin the pivot…

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Fearless Investing photo

Be Fearless (But Smart) with your Retirement Portfolio!

February , 2021

When considering current events and the economy, are you concerned that the stock market is too high?  How does this make you feel about how much of your retirement savings you should be risking in the market?   You are not…

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