Estate Planning Basics, Part 2: The Perfect Trustee

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This is Part 2 in a two-part series regarding wills and trusts in estate planning. For an introduction into the differences between trust and will, please take a moment to read Estate Planning Basics, Part 1: Trust vs Will—Which One is Best? Named Positionsin Your Estate Planning When preparing your will or trusts, you need…

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Estate Planning Basics, Part 1: Trust vs Will—Which One is Best?


Estate Planning is the truest of love letters to your family. But which type is right for your situation? In this article, I will review the basic differences between trust and a will. Hopefully, this will help you to be better-informed and make the best decision for your situation. A Trust is (Almost Always) Better!…

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Women and Wealth: Take Control of your Financial Future in 8 Steps


Are you living in financial uncertainty? Do you dream of a dream of a life where you are confident about your financial future? In this article, I discuss the starting point – eight simple financial planning steps to get you started today. Are Women at a Financial Disadvantage? Much has been written about women and…

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Do I Have Enough Money?

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To Change My Work, My Priorities, My Lifestyle?  To Retire? The Real Answer: Both Art and Science Do you spend time wondering if you have enough resources to stop working now (or change how you work) and begin the pivot to a different kind of life, one where working and saving is not your priority? …

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Be Fearless (But Smart) with your Retirement Portfolio!

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When considering current events and the economy, are you concerned that the stock market is too high?  How does this make you feel about how much of your retirement savings you should be risking in the market?   You are not alone if you are worried about what to do with your retirement portfolio, even to…

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Lower your Tax Bill and Have More Money in Retirement

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Many people will overpay their income taxes in retirement. Why? Because too few people know that future taxes may be reduced with timely and smart tax planning now. I am not suggesting anything illegal or unethical. Everyone should pay their fair share. But unless you wish to tip the IRS, don’t pay more than that. …

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