Case Studies

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You’ve worked hard all your life, transitioning to retirement should  be exhilarating.

Not stressful.


Case Studies


If you're anything like my clients,

You've got a lot of unanswered questions

That’s how Sandra was feeling when she came to me. 

She had devoted her whole adult life to taking care of others, both in a high-pressure job and as a mother. 

At 61, she was finally in a position to focus on her own needs and goals.

But she wasn’t sure where to start. 

She dreamed of transitioning out of her demanding, but high-salaried profession into something more meaningful, but wondered...could she even afford to?

Together, we took a deep dive into her personal and financial goals, and analyzed her current financial situation. 

Then, we plotted a clear course to:

  • Leave her corporate role and move into a non-profit with a lower income
  • Reposition her investments for some safe money and a gap period of income until she began her pension and social security
  • Set aside some “fun” money to enjoy travel
  • Evaluate and reduce risks that could derail her plan

Today, Sandra’s financial decisions are aligned with her personal and financial goals because of our ongoing financial planning process. She enjoys the confidence and support to make informed decisions as her life and her financial situation evolves, and as the economy and the world may change around her.

Instead of fretting over her financial future, she’s free to live the life she wants.

Retirement is Your Time

Let's Make it Count


The case studies presented here are hypothetical and only represent a scenario that might occur. They do not represent a specific client or situation. Any resemblance to an actual client or event is coincidental.

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